Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of boat is Seawolf?

Seawolf is a 40 foot long by 25 foot wide sailing catamaran built of beautiful Spanish cedar. Seawolf ‘s season is from April to October.

Where is Seawolf?

Seawolf sails out of the Harbor on the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, the best sailing waters of the Dallas area. For a cruise, Seawolf is docked at the lighthouse on the waterside of the Hilton Hotel in Rockwall. The street address of the Hilton Hotel is 2055 Summer Lee Drive, Rockwall, Texas, 75032.

From Dallas take I 30, exit Horizon Rd, immediately while still on the exit ramp take a right on Shoreline Road, then right on Summer Lee. Park in front of the Hilton Hotel or use the valet parking ($10). Walk to the water side of the Hilton Hotel. It is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Dallas.

What time are the Cruises and How Much?

We are closed from November to April.

 Departure times and Pricing for Sail with Scott:

Cruise      July Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov-April
Daytime family cruise

Sat. & Sun. only     (1hr)

Adults $20   Children $10

6pm 5:30p 5pm 4:30pm CLOSED
Sunset Cruise

Every day    (1.5hr)

Sun. thru Fri. – All ages $30

Sat. – All ages $40

7:30 7pm 6:30pm 6pm CLOSED

Fri. & Sat. only   (1hr)

All ages $20

9:15pm 8:45pm 8:15pm N/A CLOSED

Click on “Book now” to find out boarding and departure times as the change during the year as sunset times change. This is also where you can see availability and it is the only place to make a reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

All cruises are subject to cancellation because of bad weather. We will call you on cell number you entered in reservations is the cruise is canceled. There is no charge if a cruise is cancelled and we refund your credit card.

If you need to change or cancel a reservation, email: [email protected] with your “booking #” or your reservation date, time, along with the name under which the reservation is made, and the change or cancellation request information. I will email back a confirmation.

Private parties and groups of 7 or more must cancel 30 days in advance or be subject to a cancellation fee equal to the unsold seats. Reservations of 6 or less must cancel 24 hours in advance or be subject to cancellation fee equal to the seats reserved.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit. We do not recommend children under 6 for the Friday and Saturday sunset or evening cruises unless it is a private party. These are romantic evenings when our guests are often celebrating an anniversary or special occasion. Children sitting quietly and are well-behaved are always welcomed on any cruise.

Are there restrooms on board?

Yes, the boat has an electric flushing toilet. There is also room to change clothes.

Is there a discount for military, children or seniors?

Yes, we have children pricing on the Daytime Cruises. For all other cruises they are full price.

Can I have a private party on the boat?

 We do not offer private party pricing. The only way to have a private party on Seawolf is to buy all 49 of the individual tickets. I would point out that you do not need to rent out the whole restaurant to have a party, you can have an area on the boat for your group to gather around tables even if there are others on the boat.

If you want a private party, I recommend I built that double decker party boat for private party events, and sold it to a couple who do a great job for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events etc.

Prices and Terms

Seawolf is a 40 foot wooden sailing Catamaran. and open to the sky. Boarding is at the Rockwall Harbor – waterfront at the lighthouse behind the Rockwall Hilton, 2055 Summer Lee Drive, Rockwall TX

  • Always BYOB; bring your own alcohol. Rolling coolers work nicely. No kegs allowed
  • Professional Captain & Crew to assist in making your cruise relaxing and memorable.
  • No smoking. No swimming.

Seawolf capacity is 49 passengers maximum, which includes small children, babies, catering staff, etc. 

Food: You may bring your own food aboard. Alcoholic beverages is BYOB (bring your own).

Boarding Time: 15 to 30 minutes prior to event for guests.

Refund policy: In the event of inclement weather (lightening, high winds or other conditions that Captain determines are not safe for navigation) we will refund 100% of charter price or allow you to reschedule the cruise.

Can you water taxi our group to the Bass Pro Shop?


Should we tip?

Tipping is appreciated by the crew, if you are happy with the cruise. You may drop cash into the TIP container as you exit.

How many people can I bring on my cruise?

49 guests are allowed on Seawolf.

Do we have to stand up the whole time?

No, there are seats for all Guests. Many guests prefer to stand up and walk around or lay on the foredeck area in the sun.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages aboard. You are welcome to bring your own regular or roll-on cooler so that your drinks are already chilled.

What about glass?

Bring plastic glasses. Glass bottles of champagne, wine, or beer are OK.

What if I get thirsty aboard Seawolf?

We offer complimentary, cold, water on Seawolf.

What about trays of food?

Yes, we have up to eight 4 x 2 foot table on which to put deli trays on Seawolf.

Can I bring food or snacks to enjoy?

You are welcome to bring a picnic basket. Finger foods work best. Think of it like a stand-up cocktail party. The ideal food to bring aboard Seawolf is anything that consists of a single-morsel bite. Skewers and toothpicks are scary. Chips in an open bowl blow away. If it is your desire to have a buffet, you might consider letting your guests “graze” without a plate. Suggestions: deli trays, half-size soda cans (wonderful!), tortilla roll-ups cut into bite-sized portions, single-serving sized sandwiches, cookies, doughnut holes, petit fours.

Is smoking allowed aboard the boat?

No, in consideration of other guests as well as the ash could burn the finish on the beautiful wood hulls of Seawolf.

Can I steer the boat and help sail?

We encourage our guests to get their picture taken while steering Seawolf! The crew loves it when guests pitch in and help to set sail. Just ask!

What about wheel chairs?

Standard wheelchairs and walkers are OK; motorized chairs are not (too heavy for the boat).

Do you have Life Jackets on board?

We have life-jackets on board. We have an assortment of 100 children, and adult life jackets.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Please wear shoes with soft rubber soles and low heels. If you wear high heels, leather soles, or muddy shoes, be ready to take them off as you board the boat. High heels are not good, because the boat wobbles in waves and you can break your ankle. Leather sole shoes are slippery and you can slip and fall.

Can I order catering for my cruise?

Yes, local restaurants around the lake will cater food to the boat. Remember, finger foods work best.

Are you going to charge my credit card when I make my reservation?

Yes, we charge your credit card at the time of the booking for the full amount..

Can I have a birthday party or wedding aboard the boat?

Yes! We welcome small birthday celebrations, proposals, bridal parties,  but for big parties and wedding events we recommend Harbor Lights, which you can book at

Can I decorate the Seawolf?

No. Banners, signs, flowers, and anything that blows in the wind do not work very well. The beautiful wood boat and the excellent vista of the lake hardly needs any additional decorations. I have never seen a decoration that matches nature’s creation of the water and the sky. If you want to add a festive feel try soap bubbles, plastic streamers on a stick, or other hand held toys.